Live History India is an ode to the billion fascinating stories that make India.

There is history everywhere and no, we don’t mean just the histories of dynasties and politics, kings and wars, invasions and conquests. India’s history is like a burst of colour, pulsating with life and traditions that go back thousands of years.

History embraces us in many seamless ways, every day – through what we eat, what we wear, how we celebrate our festivals, revel in our legends and even relate to our gods!

Let’s understand the many strands that make us. Let’s celebrate History and not brandish it as a sword to divide.

Through LHI we will bring you the best works on Indian history and the brightest minds that have worked on it. Our large and growing pool of researchers, experts and contributors are committed to bringing you well studied and unbiased stories that are based on years of painstaking work and academic research.

Through our work and your support, Live History India aims to create a platform to help Indians and India lovers rediscover the many facets of this great country. Revive and bring forth the best works on India and champion all the efforts by individuals, groups, institutions and governments to restore our great legacy.

Join us as we go deep and travel through the most exciting place in the world – India!

Disclaimer –

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